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Men behind the Insights.


At GG, we are on a mission to build a compelling portfolio of properties in Hyderabad using proptech and construction technology for creating sustainable and socially responsible communities.


In the last year, we've made significant progress towards achieving this mission through acquisitions across our portfolio, setting us up for a strong year ahead. The reason for our existence is simple, as more Indians and expats are moving to Hyderabad than any other place in the country, with a population of more than millions and this trend is expected to continue for the next 20 years due to the city's vibrant culture, connectivity, affordable cost of living and excellent healthcare and education.


We are focused on acquiring attractive raw land in all regions and developing it into desirable properties that we offer at competitive prices with favorable financing options for individual and bulk purchases for all types of investors and buyers.


We also use proptech to enhance the experience within our residential, office and commercial buildings. We are dedicating considerable time and resources to making progress on our development plan and obtaining the necessary permits to build this compelling portfolio of properties over the next few decades.


Our emphasis at each property is on consistent excellence in development and design, with a focus on developing them as second homes, resorts or retirement destinations in a planned community setting.


We, at Gummi Group, have grown significantly over the past 30 years from a small business. Our success is a result of our strong, responsible business strategy and robust financial planning. We take being a responsible business seriously, and our corporate strategy reflects our values and the way we conduct our business.


Our goal is to create a better Hyderabad and improve the standard of living for those who live and work there. We strive to act responsibly, operate ethically and champion integrity in all of our dealings. We aim to engage with the communities we work in and promote employability, educational advancement, charitable giving, a strong local economy and environmental sustainability.


Our focus is to deliver a positive and enduring impact on our stakeholders, our employees, our investors, our communities and our clients. Our financial strategy plays an important role in our success, as it provides a solid foundation for the group.


We use joint ventures to spread risk, sell off-plan to secure funding, target specific customer groups, and focus on cost control to protect margins and maximize returns.

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